We offer a trial for pre-purchase and also as an after-sales service to provide the best service to customers. We provide a whole range of trials from downstream to upstream processes.

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We offer trials using our equipment to optimize the process to validate that the process is desirable for your process.

The demo unit is available for Pall Biotech Bioreactor while for BBI-Bioreactor Trial is included as an after-service after the purchase. 

For the detail of the process and trial, please don't hesitate to reach us

Filtration Trial

We offer trials using our filtration equipment for both Direct Filtration and Tangential Flow Filtration. To determine the optimal scale-up condition, filterability, and also filter compatibility, our technical support team had been experienced for more than 10 years.

We also can calculate the size and to projecting the right solutions of the filter used in the future. For the discussion of the trial please contact out technical support team on

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Protein Analysis

For the analysis, we also have 2 types for spectrophotometry detection, for the detail of the product can be seen on the product tab. 

We also support the optimization, trial for new samples, and also for the construction of the new method using our equipment.