Advanta™ Liquid Filter Housings

The Pall Advanta range of filter housings has been specifically designed and engineered for today’s manufacturing processes. These advanced housings are manufactured from 316L stainless steel and are engineered to meet the requirements of the BioPharmaceutical industry. State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies are used to construct a housing ideal for the most critical of applications.

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Materials of Construction

Wetted Parts

AISI 316L stainless steel


AISI Nitronic* 60


Silicone — FDA-listed


Up to 150 °C (300 °F)

Surface Finish

All electropolished
Ra ≤ 0.4 μm (≤ 15 μin.) (typical)

Ra ≤ 0.8 μm (≤ 32 μin.) (typical)

Inspection Documentation

Test report type 2.3 to EN10204
Conformance to EC PED(1)

 With compatible fluids, which do not soften, swell or adversely affect the materials.
* Nitronic is a registered trademark of Armco Inc.

Nominal Dimensions

Part Number(2)

Face to Face Width

Overall Height

Clearance Required


190 mm
(7.4 in.)

378 mm
(14.8 in.)

160 mm
(6.2 in.)


190 mm
(7.4 in.)

514 mm
(20.2 in.)

320 mm
(12.5 in.)


190 mm
(7.4 in.)

519 mm
(20.4 in.)

320 mm
(12.5 in.)


190 mm
(7.4 in.)

437 mm
17.2 in.)

320 mm
(12.5 in.)


190 mm
(7.4 in.)

517 mm
(20.3 in.)

320 mm
(12.5 in.)


190 mm
(7.4 in.)

765 mm
(30.1 in.)

570 mm
(22.4 in.)


190 mm
(7.4 in.)

1039 mm
(40.9 in.)

820 mm
(32.2 in.)

 These part numbers represent the most commonly used housing variants with the shortest lead times. Many other variants are available (see ordering information). Please contact Pall for further information.

Operating Conditions

Maximum Operating Pressure

-1 to 10 barg
(-14.5(4) to 50(5) psig)

Maximum Operating Temperature

150 °C (300 °F)

(4) Full vacuum.
(5) With compatible fluids, which do not soften, swell or adversely affect the materials.

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